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Jasper Kenter is Reader in Deliberative Ecological Economics. He is an interdisciplinary researcher in sustainable development, conservation and environmental management issues with a specialisation in ecological economics and public and stakeholder deliberation.

Currently, Jasper is bringing together a global partnership to develop new economic alternatives to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. COVID-19 has led to a global economic crisis unseen since the 1930s, but it has also created an important opportunity to transform economies towards a green and just recovery. To fully achieve this potential and avoid the risks of responses reinforcing environmentally and socially unsustainable trajectories, there is a need to go beyond directing public spending towards green infrastructure and technology, and repurpose and reshape economies more profoundly.

More broadly, Jasper’s research has focused on people’s values around nature. He enjoys a broad view of the notion of value and values, looking through the lenses of economics, ecology, ethics, psychology and spiritual practice, and has a particular interest in how social processes shape values and in ways we can integrate economic and deliberative methodologies to better incorporate shared values of nature into decision-making.

Jasper has authored over 40 peer reviewed publications (Google Scholar). His work has received funding from European, UK, Norwegian and Finnish research councils. He is currently co-leading the EU Horizon 2020 PERICLES project on maritime cultural heritage and has lead social-economic components of projects within the UK Marine Ecosystems Research and Valuing Nature Programmes. He is also a lead author of the values assessment (2018-2021) for the Intergovernmental Panel on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) and was principal investigator for the second phase of the UK National Ecosystem Assessment (2012-2014), leading the NEA work on shared, plural and cultural values of ecosystems. For his cross-disciplinary research in the Solomon Islands (South Pacific) on environmental values, he has received prizes from the European Society for Ecological Economics, the Society for Conservation Biology, and the Geographical Field Group. His work on public engagement with marine spatial planning was recently nominated for two awards by the Royal Town Planning Institute.

Previously Jasper has lectured at the Universities of Edinburgh, Aberdeen, St Andrews, Leicester and Highlands and Islands. He was also an adjunct lecturer at the University of New England (Australia, 2014-2017) and Honorary Fellow of the University of Edinburgh (2015-2018), and Principal Investigator at the Scottish Association for Marine Science (2014-2018).

Before moving to the UK, Jasper worked as an environmental campaigner in the Netherlands, Iceland and elsewhere.

Research Group

Research group

Current research associates and postgraduate researchers 

  • Dr Simone Martino, Research Fellow in Resource Economics
  • Elaine Azzopardi, Research Fellow in Ecosystem-Culture Interrelations
  • Sarah Knight, Research Technician in Participatory GIS and Communications
  • Seb O'Connor, Research Assistant, IPBES Values Assessment
  • Lucy Greenhill, PhD Researcher, “Evaluating marine planning approaches as a means to achieve sustainable marine development”
  • Sue Ranger, PhD Researcher, “Advancing methods for valuing cultural ecosystem services: A subjective well-being approach”
  • Jacob Ainscough, PhD Researcher, “Exploring the interface between ecosystem services and environmental governance in marine planning in Scotland”
  • Lina Isacs, PhD Researcher, “Shared values: Challenging the boundaries of environmental economic valuation through deliberation”

Former research associates and research student

  • Dr Elsa Varela, Visiting Research Fellow, Deliberative valuation of Agripastoral systems
  • Nora Albers, Research Assistant, Deliberative evaluation of post-brexit peatland management
  • James Reeves and Harry Cross, Research Assistants, IPBES values assessment
  • Dr Marcello Graziano, Research Fellow in Economic Geography (now at Central Michigan University)
  • Dr Ruth Brennan, Research Fellow in Social Ecology (now at Trinity College, Dublin)
  • Dr Rosalind Bryce, Research Fellow, UK National Ecosystem Assessment (now at University of the Highlands and Islands)
  • Dr Althea Davies, Research Fellow, UK National Ecosystem Assessment (now at University of St Andrews)
  • Dr Niels Jobstvogt, Research Assistant, UK National Ecosystem Assessment
  • Dr Derek Purdy, “A cultural value for seagrass meadows in aquatic agricultural systems: Implications for aquaculture development projects”
  • Dr Elisavet Spanou, “Understanding the impacts of aquaculture and marine conservation on cultural ecosystem services: integrating subjective well-being approaches and hedonic pricing”
  • Isabella Impesi, Postgraduate Research Assistant Valuing Nature Tipping Points Project



Programme Leader

  • MSc Environmental Economics and Environmental Management

Contributions to programmes:

  • BSc and MEnv in Environment, Economics and Ecology
  • BA and MEnv in Human Geography and Environment 
  • MSc Marine Environmental Management

Module convenor:

  • Environmental and Natural Resource Economics (BSc) (with Julia Touza)
  • Applied Economics for the Environment (with Marco Sakai)

Contributions to modules:

  • Economics for Natural Resources and Environmental Management
  • Current Research and Communication in Marine Conservation
  • Current Research in Environment, Economics and Ecology
  • Qualitative social research methods

External Activity

External Activity

  • Lead author, Intergovernmental Panel for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES), Assessment on the Conceptualisation of Multiple Values of Nature and Nature's Contributions to People
  • Board member and chair, Publications Committee, European Society for Ecological Economics
  • Editor, Sustainability Science
  • Associate editor, Ecosystem Services 

Contact details

Dr Jasper Kenter
Reader in Deliberative Ecological Economics
Department of Environment and Geography (ENV/241)
University of York
YO10 5NG

Tel: +44 (0)1904 324058 / +44 (0)781 2560194