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Dr Delphine Joly
Marie Curie Research Fellow



Delphine Joly began a MC fellowship in the department of Environment and Geography in September 2018. She is a researcher working on how human societies and environment influence each other. She is specialised in wood and charcoal anatomy determination with extensive experience in South America archaeology and environment. She studied the use of wood and bone as fuel in Argentina during her PhD, at the Université de Rennes 1 (France). After that, she conducted a postdoctoral fellowship in the Instituto de Alta Investigation in Arica (Chile) to determine the management of fuelwood in archaeological sites in desert areas of Northern Chile.

Her actual project, AHEAD, will investigate the intricate interactions between human societies and South American hyperarid environments by analysing plant remains (charcoal and wood) from a selection of archaeological sites representing the various societies that have inhabited the Atacama desert in Chile and the coastal desert of Peru from the Early to Late Holocene.

It will combine classical anthracology and xylology (charcoal and wood determination) with the application of biomolecular analyses to define the temperature of hearths and of stable isotopes analyses from archaeological charcoal samples, archaeological and subfossil wood to determine water availability during occupation time.

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Dr Delphine Joly
Marie Curie Research Fellow
Department of Environment & Geography
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