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Andrew R. Marshall



I am a conservation scientist aiming to measure and improve our management of threatened ecosystems. My primary interests are (a) the quantification of human and environmental influences on species and ecosystem health, and (b) the implications of these for people and conservation. My research has assessed the impacts of tropical forest damage on plant and animal biodiversity, population density, and biomass. I mainly work in tropical forests with focus on Tanzania (East Africa), but my data have contributed to continental, tropical and worldwide assessments of species, biomass and productivity. My broader conservation research is assessing the impacts of protected areas and forest health on the welfare and needs of rural African people. I am also evaluating the success of zoos in conservation breeding of threatened species and inspiring public understanding and action for the environment.

I am also dedicated to achieving practical results from my research findings. My work has contributed information for the improved management of forest health, natural resources in African villages, and conservation planning/monitoring. I am also personally directing the conservation a tropical forest, and have developed and implemented a biodiversity action planning approach for UK zoos.

See my ResearchGate page for more information, including my full publication list and pdfs.

Departmental roles

Director, Centre for Integrated Research, Conservation and Learning (CIRCLE)

Teaching: Research Skills and Statistical Methods; Biodiversity and Conservation Biology; Applied Ecology and Environmental Management



FoRCE, Forest Restoration and Climate Experiment (2015-present)
Aim: To determine how management can stimulate restoration of tropical forests.
Donors: IUCN Sustain; United Bank of Carbon; University of York Research Priming Fund

Understanding the benefits of tropical forest protection (2011-present)
Aim: To determine how protected areas affect rural livelihoods and forest health.
Donor: Economic and Social Research Council

Assessing the worldwide role of zoos (2011-present)
Aim: To measure the contribution of zoos to biodiversity conservation and public understanding.
Donors: Innovate UK; Higher Education Funding Council; Economic and Social Research Council

CIRCLE, Centre for Integrated Research, Conservation and Learning (2010-present)
Aim (Mission Statement): To use scientific evidence to guide biodiversity conservation, animal welfare and public understanding of the natural world.
Donors: Higher Education Funding Council; Flamingo Land Ltd.

Udzungwa Forest Project (2007-present)
Aim: To better protect tropical forests through ecological monitoring, community education, capacity building and lobbying
Website: UFP Facebook page
Donors: Flamingo Land Ltd.; Various corporate, charitable and private donors

Assessing plant biodiversity and biomass in Africa (2008-2011)
Aim: To determine spatial and environmental trends in plant biodiversity and carbon.
Websites: Valuing the Arc; KITE
Donors: The Leverhulme Trust; Liz Claiborne Art Ortenburg Foundation

Monkey conservation biology (2001-2007)
Aim: To quantify human and environmental influences on threatened monkey populations and distribution.
Donors: Natural Environment Research Council; National Geographic; Margot Marsh Biodiversity Foundation

Available PhD research projects

Trialling tropical forest restoration methods in an African biodiversity hotspot (part-funded)

Implementation of a holistic indicator selection protocol for choosing measures of conservation success (self-funded)


Ph.D. Students

Robin Loveridge

Sarah Spooner

Julia Latham (2011-2015)

Research Assistants

Ricardo Lemos de Figueiredo

Holly Little

Joshua Sammy

Laura Scott

Field Team (Tanzania)

Fadhili Njilima (Co-ordinator)

Exaud Kivambe (Research Officer)

Hamidu Mnendendo (Research Officer)

Sixbeth Libangu

Mesroda Mkongwi

Dea Mbilinyi

Revocatus Raulian Rwezaula

Kihangi Stamili

Agatha Mapunda

Felis Jackson Madeke

Contact details

Dr Andrew R. Marshall
Department of Environment and Geography
University of York
YO10 5NG

Tel: 01904 323146