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Dr Adrian Gonzalez
Associate Lecturer in Human Geography and Environment



Adrian is a political ecologist with a long-standing interest in natural resources, particularly oil, in Latin America and Africa and how they impact the relationship between State, society and business. Underpinning this research is the intention to explore the social injustices created through natural resource extraction and management and environmental pollution events.

Adrian has a multidisciplinary academic background with degrees in History (De Montfort University), War Studies (King’s College London) and Human Geography (Royal Holloway, University of London). After his MA, he taught as a secondary school teacher for two years, qualifying in History and worked as a contributing analyst for the geostrategic consultancy firm Wikistrat. However, his long-standing passion and interest in natural resources issues led him to undertake a Human Geography PhD exploring this area in 2013.

His postgraduate research was focused on an investigation into the difficulties which citizens face in holding oil companies accountable for oil spill issues in Peru’s Loreto Region. This was explored via his development of the political ecology of voice (PEV) theoretical
framework, ongoing results of which are being published in peer-reviewed journals. Other published research has explored natural resource conflict, corruption, governance, underdevelopment and the relationship between corporate social responsibility (CSR) and the state in Angola, Nigeria and Sudan.

His current projects, taken from his PhD, explore the impact which grassroots and third-sector organisations can have on citizen efforts at gaining environmental justice. A long-term goal is to continue development of his PEV theoretical framework.

For more information on his research, academic and non-academic publications please see Researchgate and The Conversation. Adrian is also on Linkedin and Twitter.  


2005-2008 BA (Hons) History, De Montfort University.

2008-2010 MA War Studies, King’s College London.

2013-2017 PhD Human Geography. Thesis entitled: ‘Access, engagement, suppression, and empowerment: a political ecology of voice (PEV) study into Peruvian citizen ability and willingness to report Petroperu environmental pollution incidents.’ Supervised by Professor David Simon. Department of Geography, Royal Holloway, University of London.

2017-2018: Hourly Paid Lecturer, University of East London.

2018: Guest Lecturer, Institute of Commonwealth Studies, University of London.

2018-: Associate Lecturer in Human Geography and Environment, University of York.

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Dr Adrian Gonzalez
Associate Lecturer in Human Geography and Environment
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Tel: 01904 325958