Environment Department Year in Industry student talks to Head of State of TRNC (Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus)

Posted on 6 December 2016

Ergun Bey, a student studying towards his BSc in Environmental Science (with a Year in Industry) is currently on his year long placement working as a research assistant for the Cyprus Green Action Group. Whilst on placement, Ergun has had the opportunity to meet with Mustafa Akinci, the Northern Cyprus President, to discuss the waste management problems in Northern Cyprus.

year in industry student (Ergun) meeting Turkish president

To date there is no formal recycling system in Northern Cyprus where the majority of wastes are stored in landfill.  In their meeting Ergun discussed with Mr Akinci the importance of recycling in terms of saving natural resources and the environment alongside the fact that Northern Cyprus have limited remaining capacity to create new landfill areas. At the end of their discussions, Northern Cyprus president Mustafa Akıncı announced that he will support feasible projects to help Northern Cyprus with its waste problems. He further highlighted the fact that we can no longer delay to find solutions to our environmental problems.

When asked about how he feels about discussing environmental policies with leading political figures, Ergun told us “It was nice to see that a Turkish Cypriot leader has the keenness to do something good for the environment. My placement is going great and busy. I have gained a great deal of information about how an NGO can help a developing country to solve their environmental problems. While I communicate with public and with specialists, they were all amazed by my depth of knowledge about the environment. I have to thank my department for teaching these important knowledge. If I have to say one negative thing about my placement:  It is difficult to wake up at 7:00 every week-day but once I drink my coffee everything goes into track”.

We’re really proud of the impact you have already had during your placement Ergun and wish you well for the rest of your time with the  Cyprus Green Action Group.