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Why Students Choose York


“I came on a post offer open day and the course outline was explained to us - it was the only English course I'd seen with so much choice and variety. The foreign literature modules really stood out to me as something exciting that I would really enjoy studying. The reputation of the department for being very good for research also appealed to me.”



“I decided to commit to York because I felt the course here was both traditional and innovative. I was excited by the fact that I'd get to work so closely with people that are leading research in the literary field.”



"I chose to study English and Related Literature at the University of York after I had fallen in love with the course structure as the flexibility of module choices and the opportunities to study texts in different languages really appealed to me. I had the opportunity to talk to some students and staff members on the post-offer visit day and their enthusiasm really comforted and encouraged me."


What Students Like About Studying with Us 


"Looking back now it seems crazy that I ever considered choosing a university that wasn’t York, because everything about being here just feels so natural now. But there must have been a time when I didn’t know that there is a huge range of engaging modules, that the tutors are friendly, that seminars are fascinating. I am finding the whole course experience, with its explorations of literature and literary theory, incredibly rewarding, and doing it at a gorgeous place like York is just the icing on an already fabulous cake."



“What I love most about York and the Department of English and Related Literature is the amount of focus they put on the student. Personally, this is where York shines the brightest for me. Within a sphere of educational excellence, the University and the English Department never fail to place an emphasis on the individual. Between the seminars and open office hours, there’s plenty of opportunity to develop one’s spectrum of thought.”



“At York we engage with and argue with (and against!) academics who are considered the experts in their own field. This all sounds very intellectually grandiose but what I most appreciate is how incredibly nice they are – as teachers (in seminars), as colleagues (on the Board of Studies), and as people (in pubs!).”



"English Literature at York is fantastic! Over the past three years I have had the opportunity to cover a broad range of modules that have introduced me to literature of different periods and exciting theoretical debates. The staff are friendly and supportive, welcoming students to attend their open office hours for further discussion. I have particularly valued the flexibility of the course; an array of special modules are available, and I have been able to tailor each term with options to suit my developing interests."