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We offer a stimulating range of courses: single-subject English, and combined courses with the Departments of History, History of Art, Language and Linguistic Science, Philosophy, and Politics.

Whichever course you study, you’ll choose your English modules from a range that covers literature from the Middle Ages to the twenty-first century.

Our courses

Course titleDurationUCAS Code
BA English 3 years Q300
Combined degrees
BA English/History 3 years QV31
BA English/History of Art 3 years QV33
BA English/Linguistics 3 years QQ31
BA English/Philosophy 3 years QV35
BA English/Politics 3 years QL32


The tutors I've had so far have been outstanding: the staff here go out of their way for students by not only broadening your academic horizons, but by really making an effort to get to know you. When I've spoken to friends at other universities, they've all been surprised and jealous that my teachers here are so accessible.

Miranda, English

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