Current Research Students

At York, we have have one of the largest and most diverse PhD communities in the UK, with over 80 registered research students.

A selection of the wide-ranging research undertaken by our PhD students can be viewed below.

Many of our PhD graduates have transformed their PhD research into monographs.

Recent examples of PhD monographs

Current PhD Students

NameThesis Title & Supervisor
Jennifer Buckley

From Fact to Fictionality: Essay-Periodicals and Literary Novelty

Supervisors: Professor Jon Mee and Dr Alison O'Byrn

Sharon Choe

Deformed, Dismembered, Disembodied: Re-inventing the Body Politic in William Blake     

Supervisor: Professor Jon Mee                                

Rebecca Drake

The sea in Middle English romance and Old Norse-Icelandic fornaldarsögur

Supervisors: Dr Nicola McDonald and Dr Matthew Townend

Catherine Edwards

Literary Covers: Secret writing in Cold War spy fiction and film

Supervisors: Professor Helen Smith and Dr Bryan Radley

Diana Mudura

Echolalias; or Retrieving Lost Languages in J. M. Coetzee's Post-apartheid Writing

Supervisor: Professor David Attwell

Jun Qiang

Place and Space in Edith Wharton's Fiction

Supervisor: Dr Victoria Coulson

Alice Rhodes

“Mechanic Art and Elocutionary Science”: Speech Production in British Literature, 1770s-1820s

Supervisor: Dr Mary Fairclough

Zaynab Seedat

Writing the South Asian Muslim Terrorist: Politics, Religion and “Terror” Through a Postcolonial Lens

Supervisor: Dr Claire Chambers

Lilian Tabois

Historiography in the works of British women travel writers, 1780-1840

Supervisor: Dr Emma Major

Anjali Vyas-Brannick

Theorising Biocitizenship, 1550-1700

Professor Helen Smith

PhD Graduates

NameYear of AwardThesis title and description
Doug Battersby  2017

Knowing and Feeling in Late Modernist Fiction

Supervisors: Professor Derek Attridge and Professor John Bowen

Melony Bethala  2018

Women, institutions and the politics of writing: A comparative study of contemporary Anglophone Irish and Indian women poets

Supervisors: Dr Claire Chambers and Professor Matt Campbell

Hannah Boast  2016

Representations of water in Israeli & Palestinian Literature

Supervisor(s): Ziad Elmarsafy

Marissa Bolin  2019

Married Women, Law, and the Novel, 1838-1882: Representations of Bigamy, Property Law, Ceremonial Law, Divorce and Separation in the Victorian Novel

Dr Emma Major

Lola Boorman   2020 

“Make grammar do”: the institutional and pedagogical impact of grammar on modern and contemporary American literature. 

Supervisor: Dr Adam Kelly

Mildrid Bjerke  2015  Interested Disinterest: The Development of the Literature Study Guide

Supervisor(s): Richard Walsh

Emily Bowles    2018

Changing Representations of Charles Dickens, 1857-1939

Supervisor: Professor John Bowen

Adam Bristow-Smith  2018

The Bildungsroman under Neoliberalism

Supervisor: Dr Adam Kelly

Sarah Cawthorne  2019

The Architectures of Knowledge: Spatial Metaphors in Seventeenth-Century Natural Philosophical Literature 

Supervisor: Dr Helen Smith   

Ashim Dutta  2018 Mystic Modernity: Yeats and Tagore

Supervisor(s): Dr Claire Chambers and Professor Matt Campbell

Tom Fletcher



The Representation of Disability in English-language Poetry: British and American Perspectives

Supervisors: Dr Alice Hall and Professor Matt Campbell

Fiona Hobbs-Milne   2019 

A question of character: censorship and the political courtroom in British writing, 1792-1824

Supervisor: Professor Jon Mee

Antony Huen  2020

Contemporary Poets, the Visual Arts, and Ekphrasis  

Supervisor: Professor Hugh Haughton

Daisy Johnson  2018

Representations of space and place in British children's literature

Supervisor: Dr Richard Walsh    

Indrani Karmakar  2018

Motherhood, Literature and Society in Indian Women's Writing

Supervisor: Dr Claire Chambers 

Ahmed Khaleel  2015

The Poetics of Human Rights: Auden and al-Jawahiri in the 1930s

Supervisor(s): Ziad Elmarsafy

Jessica Lamothe  2018

Remedies Against Temptations: A Critical Edition of the Four Middle English Versions of William Flete's De Remediis Contra Temptaciones

Supervisor: Professor Linne Mooney

Richard Lukey  2020 

Global Novel Time: Liberal Subjectivities, the Chronotope and Globalisation in McEwan, DeLillo and Coetzee

Supervisor: Professor David Attwell

Elly McCausland  2016

Malory's Magic Book: King Arthur in Children's Literature, 1862-1960

Supervisor(s): Trev BroughtonMatthew Townend

Jonathan McGovern  2019

Anti-Sedition Literature in England, 1536-1570

Supervisor: Professor Brian Cummings  

Anna Mercer  2017

The Collaborative Literary Relationship of Percy Bysshe Shelley and Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley      

Supervisors: Dr Jim Watt and Professor Harriet Guest            

Kyra Piperide   2020 

‘A place cannot produce poems: it can only not prevent them’: Philip Larkin and northern English poetry.

Supervisor: Professor Matthew Campbell 

Madeline Potter  2020

Anglican Forms and Difficulties in the Poetry of Geoffrey Hill

Supervisors: Dr James Williams and Professor Hugh Haughton

Jack Quin  2018

W.B. Yeats, Modernist Poetics and the Language of Sculpture

Supervisor: Professor Matthew Campbell

Joe Rollins  2019

From Apathy to Autonomy: Neoliberalism and American Fiction in the Long Nineties

Supervisor: Dr Adam Kelly     

Timothy Rowbotham  2019

Historicity and Fictionality in the Icelandic 'fornaldarsögur'

Supervisors: Professor Elizabeth Tyler and Dr Matthew Townend

Daniel South  2019

The Novel and the Public Sphere in the Internet Age

Supervisor: Dr Adam Kelly

Yu-Hua Yen  2018

Narrating Selves: The Narrative Integrity of Fictional Autobiographies

Supervisors: Professor Derek Attridge and Dr Richard Walsh