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Anya Burgon



Anya Burgon received her BA and MPhil in History of Art at the University Cambridge, where she also obtained her PhD, in 2018, on the topic of ‘The Mechanical Arts and Poiesis in the Philosophy and Literature of the Twelfth-Century French Schools’.  In the same year, she took up a Postdoctoral Research Fellowship with the Centre for Medieval Literature, an international research group based jointly at the Department of English and Related Literature at the University of York, and the History Department at the University of Southern Denmark.

Anya’s research explores the role of imagination, aesthetic experience, and the ’poetic’ in the intellectual culture of the high and later Middle Ages in northern Europe.  Her current project looks at the legacy of an ancient ideal of the cosmic viewpoint or 'view from above’ in medieval literature and Christian theology, with a focus on Latin and Middle English texts from the twelfth to fourteenth centuries.

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Dr Anya Burgon
Department of English and Related Literature
University of York
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