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An Outline of Psychoanalysis

Wednesday 17 November 2021, 3.00PM

This seminar will discuss Freud's, An Outline of Psychoanalysis, chapters 1-4 (available as a single volume in the New Penguin Freud, or in Adam Phillips, ed., Penguin Freud Reader).

Adam Phillips is a psychoanalyst as well as one of the most influential essayists and thinkers writing today. The Irish novelist John Banville has him as 'one of the finest prose stylists in the language, an Emerson of our time'.  Adam has been Visiting Professor in the Department of English and Related Literature since 2006.  He is the General Editor of the Penguin Freud, and author of more than 16 books of essays and studies from On Kissing, Tickling and Being Bored (1993) to Becoming Freud: The Making of a Psychoanalyst (2014).  His most recent books are Unforbidden Pleasures (Penguin, 2015), In Writing (Penguin 2017), and Attention Seeking (Penguin, 2019). His most recent books are Unforbidden Pleasures (Penguin, 2015), In Writing (Penguin 2017), Attention Seeking (Penguin, 2019) and On Wanting to Change (Penguin, 2021).

An Outline of Psychoanalysis (PDF , 3,275kb)



Location: Seminar Room D/L/037, Derwent, Heslington West Campus