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Shakespeare in Ukraine: Voicing the Times

Monday 11 May 2015, 5.00PM to 6.00pm

Speaker(s): Professor Irena Makaryk (University of Ottawa)

Banned in Ukraine by the tsars, Shakespeare made his long-awaited entrance in 1919 during the tumultuous years of civil war, world war, and revolution. In this illustrated lecture, Irena Makaryk will show how Shakespeare can be invited to connect with the moment by arguing that Kurbas' Macbeth in 1924 was a reflection of the upheaval of those difficult times.

Irena R. Makaryk, Professor of English at the University of Ottawa, is author of Shakespeare in the Undiscovered Bourn (2004), Shakespeare in the Worlds of Communism and Socialism (with J. G. Price, 2006), Modernism in Kyiv (with V. Tkacz, 2010), and Shakespeare and the Second World War (with M. McHugh, 2012).

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Location: Bowland Auditorium, Humanities Research Centre, Berrick Saul Buiding, Heslington West Campus

Admission: By free ticket