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Attending the Human Vision and Electronic Imaging conference 2020

Posted on 26 May 2020

Final-year PhD student Viswadeep Sarangi attended the HVEI 2020 in California.

Viswadeep with Dr. Katie Bouman, Assistant Professor in Computing and Mathematical Science department, at California Institute of Technology. She pioneered the visualisation of the black hole for the first time in history.

Recently, pursuing my research career under the guidance of Dr. Adar Pelah, I had the privilege of attending a highly regarded international conference at Burlingame, California, USA. The experience was positive, not only in terms of feedback from eminent researchers but also in exposure to the state-of-art research conducted by my peers in the application of artificial intelligence in the field of medicine.

The conference, called Human Vision and Electronic Imaging (HVEI) 2020 was conducted by the Society for Imaging Science and Technology. The platform was intended to showcase the current research in the field of human perception and psychology as well as machine intelligence, specifically for the processing of visual media such as images and videos. It was an extremely content-rich, five day conference (26 to 30 January 2020) with each day starting at 8am and ending at 5.30pm, followed by banquet dinner and an opportunity to network with the well-established researchers of my field.

I had the opportunity of presenting my work as a conference paper, supplemented with an oral presentation on day four of the conference, in front of an audience consisting of experts as well as my peers in other international universities. The feedback I received from them was extremely valuable to the progress of my work, and quite encouraging considering this was my first time presenting my work internationally.

The list of keynote speakers invited to the conference was simultaneously intimidating and awe inspiring. I had the fortune of personally meeting and listening to:

  • Dr. Katie Bouman (Asstistant Professor at California Institute of Technology), who pioneered the visualization of the black hole for the first time in history
  • Gary Hicok, senior Vice President of hardware development in NVIDIA, to understand the future of hardware in application of machine learning applications
  • Dr. Douglas Lanman, Facebook Reality Labs to understand the future of advanced display systems (augmented and virtual reality, glasses-free 3D displays)

My work on machine perception of human gait and avenues to improve machine intelligence was very well received. The feedback I received then is currently being used to further the work in my postdoctoral position. I am extremely thankful to the department and the University, for financially supporting this whole journey. My flights, accommodation, travel etc. would not have been possible without the department’s backing.

I'm also thankful to my supervisor, Dr. Adar Pelah for encouraging me to apply for the conference and helping me present my work in the appropriate format, both in the conference publication as well as the oral presentation. The outcome of the event has led to a conference paper as well as a journal paper, both of which have been accepted for publication. In a nutshell, the whole experience has boosted my confidence and exposure in terms of conducting research and presentation of the results.