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Alex Turner

Alex Turner

"I came to the University of York in 2009 to undertake the Msc course in Natural Computation offered by the department of computer science.  My background at this point was in pure computer science, however my research interests were shifting towards bio-inspired computation, specifically the idea of capturing and modelling natural processes in silico to create novel computational systems.

After completion of the Msc, I enrolled as a PhD student on the ALBINO project held jointly between the departments of Electronics, Biology and Computer science. My work within this project focused on developing a grounding in genetics, epigenetics and gene regulation in the natural world and applying this to the the creation of a computational model based upon these principles. Throughout this time I became increasingly fascinated in the biology underpinning the models which I created. After completion of my PhD, undertook a fellowship to study Bioinformatics in the Department of Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine at Norwegian University of Science and Medicine.

During this time I worked with biologists at the forefront of their field to determine how epigenetic markers affect gene regulation during stem cell differentiation. In turn, my research has helped better understand the mechanisms and principles which underpinned the models designed during my PhD.  

In early 2015 I rejoined the department of Electronics at the University of York as a post-doctoral researcher where I used the research gathered in Norway to improve upon my previous computational models and apply these to the control of distributed systems.

In September 2016 I became a lecturer in computer science at Hull University where I am teaching first year programming and continuing the research I developed throughout my time at the University of York."

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