MSc Student Buddy Scheme (Chat to a senior student)

Chat with a senior student

Would you like to be contacted by a student who is currently studying on one of our taught MSc courses? If you have an offer of a place on one of our taught MSc courses in the Department of Electronic Engineering starting in September 2019 entry, under our 'buddy' scheme we'll put you in contact with a current MSc student from the Department. They will let you know information about the course from their perspective, and can answer any questions that you have about it.

If you are interested in this scheme please email Jamie Scott with your name and student number confirming that you agree for us to pass your email address on to one of our student buddies. 

Here are some examples of Frequently Asked Questions that our team of student buddies have answered from their perspective. 

How do you find living in York?

"I think life in York is very enjoyable and convenient. The city is very calm and historical and the weather is very comfortable. There are a lot of Chinese and British supermarkets to meet our daily life needs. We can enjoy very delicious food from all over the world including China." (Yujia)

"York is a beautiful city with a rich culture and heritage which is surrounded by kind and welcoming people. The university is very close to the city center, and a walk through the city walls with a glimpse of the York Minster could be escaping reality from the study time and making us more refreshed. With a lot of historic places, cafes, restaurants and bars York enhance us to experience the most authentic British Culture." (Saranya)

"Life at York can’t be described in a few words, but if I have to, I’ll say York is one of the most beautiful city of UK, with great people and an easy life. Everyday the feel here is different, something new, something unexpected. You cannot have a boring day in this city." (Rahul)

Why did you choose to study this course?

"The course modules are well designed with the combination of electronics and management studies which are modelled according to the recent technological and corporate trends. Also, the university offers best in class education to the students with their leading faculty members along with the state of art lecture rooms and laboratories." (Saranya, MSc Embedded Wireless Systems)

"There are many reasons that made me choose this course at the University of York: First of all, getting a master’s degree in a foreign country is a fulfilment from both a personal and professional perspective. From my personal perspective, it was going to give me an opportunity to meet new international people and not only that, deal with them through the course with multiple projects. Learn about new cultures and live new experiences. Also, the UK is very safe (at least York is one of the safest city) and the city of York is wonderful. Talking about my professional perspective, coming to York meant a beginning of something new. I was going to gain new knowledges from different backgrounds. The necessary skills to succeed in the labour world afterwards. In terms of the university, the University of York is a very prestigious university among the UK and the rest of the world. Professors from this course are very well prepared and with a lot of experience in different sectors, not only engineering. So the can also give you a wider perspective. This university is also ranked highly in terms of employability which is very good because when I was looking for a master’s degree abroad I wanted one that will put me in a good position in the future and this university has the potential for it." (Alejandro, MSc Engineering Management)

"Firstly, because my undergraduate degree was also Engineering Management, I like to study it and decided to join this area for my future career. Secondly, I prefer management, and I know that EM can bring lots of management knowledge for me." (Manman, MSc Engineering Management)

What are your top tips for this course?

"As a course representative for the MSc in Engineering Management, I would like to recommend that you enjoy the lectures and be positive in the classes. Although sometimes you may not fully understand all the content, you can print the lecture slides and prepare for the topic in the class. You will need to know how to write an academic essay to fulfil the assessment requirements. It is useful to acquaint yourself with IEEE referencing and search academic references through Google scholar. Also, I think that work-life balance is important - after study, you will have spare time to discover your interests and future plans through plenty of events, such as volunteering, networking and attending conferences. For example, I have been a TedxYork Volunteer and attended the Oxford China Business conference. Last but not least, I fully recommend that you enjoy your time studying at the University of York." (Siyang, MSc Engineering Management)

"The lectures will tell you what points you need to study, and then you need to read and think about it by yourself and use these skills in your case analysis." (Qianchao, MSc Engineering Management)

Can you tell me about the assessment of modules?

"The assessments for most modules are generally assignment-based with only one module being assessed with a closed-book exam i.e. Accounting & Finance. Each assignment will have a word count with set criteria giving students guidance on how to approach the assessment." (Thomas, MSc Engineering Management)

"There are two main types of assessment, which are exam and report/essay. My advice is not to arrange the vacation schedule too full, and leave plenty of time to prepare for the assessment." (Zhengkun, MSc Intelligent Robotics)

Was it easy to meet new friends and share experiences?

"It’s very easy to make and meet new friends from different countries. There are a lot of campus activities held by different organizations. We can meet different people by taking part in different activities and talk with people with same hobby. I really enjoy the moment of communicating with people from different cultural backgrounds which is very beneficial for us to broaden our horizon and have a deep knowledge of different cultures." (Yujia)

"Yes, the people here are very kind and friendly, and organizations like GSA and our department also organize many social events. My advice is not to miss the Fresher Welcome Week, where there are interesting activities almost every day to help you meet new people. There are also many student societies to choose from, and I believe that you can find people who share your interests here." (Zhengkun)

Are you enjoying your masters course?

"I’m loving my master’s course a lot. I’m living a lot of experiences with people from different countries with different cultures. People coming from China, Peru, Pakistan, Spain and many other countries that make the course more enjoyable. Furthermore, we are working on different projects based on different topics and that's also brilliant because I’m getting a global perspective on many things related with management." (Alejandro)

"Audio and music technology is an excellent master course. Sessions include acoustic and electronic knowledge which is very useful for student’s future study in auditory and audio research area. Lecturers here are kind and very helpful." (Xiaojie)

"Masters courses are never easy, but when you have good help and all the facilities possible to help further your understanding, you really start enjoying what you’re doing. I found exactly all that, with great professors, who go out of their way to help you and provide you with guidance when you feel lost, and many other facilities provided by the University, which makes life much simpler and thus enjoyable." (Rahul)

What food choices are available in York ?

"On campus, we can eat food in several canteens. For my favourite, James college has very good dishes during lunch time and the Courtyard which is in Derwent college has very delicious spaghetti. These two canteens are in Campus West. In the city center, Betty’s is a famous afternoon tea restaurant. If you like Chinese food, Upper Water, Chef Lu are also good choices to go during leisure time." (Xiaojie)

"There are plenty of choices in York for food, especially in the town area. You can find a wide variety such as Wagamama, Five Guys burger chain, KFC, along with a whole host of takeaways." (Thomas)

"Actually, I always cook by myself. Because it’s convenient and healthy. In York, there are lots of supermarkets to choose from. Morrisons is a convenient and big supermarket to choose all we want. And Aldi is another cheaper supermarket near to the university. In addition, Tesco express is located in the city center. As for restaurants, there are many kinds of food from different countries. The red chilli is the biggest and most delicious Chinese restaurant. And the regency and Hong Kong Joe are other Chinese restaurants. Besides, the My Thai is a great Thai restaurant." (Manman)

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