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This is Engineering Day 2020

Posted on 4 November 2020

We’re joining forces with the Royal Academy of Engineering to change the image of engineering.

Be the difference. This is Engineering. Meet the engineers who are shaping the future. Search 'this is engineering'. Credit: Royal Academy of Engineering / Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

We’re celebrating This is Engineering Day. The campaign, led by the Royal Academy of Engineering, is working to bring engineering to life and give more young people the opportunity to pursue a career that is future-shaping, varied, well-paid and in-demand.

This year’s theme is #BeTheDifference. We’re looking at engineers who are shaping our world for the better, both in our daily lives and on a global scale. At York, we’re engineering change in everything from communication networks to autonomous robots, we’re preparing the next generation to lead innovation in industry, and designing interventions to improve wellbeing and health.

Dr Adar Pelah

Adar Pelah is a Reader in Electronic Engineering, specialising in medical diagnostics and rehabilitation technology. He teaches the first year module Introduction to Programming, as well as supervising software engineering and final year projects.

Adar’s research combines virtual reality, locomotion simulators and artificial intelligence to spot conditions like arthritis and Parkinson’s disease. His vision is to use a smartphone to film someone walking, analyse the video using artificial intelligence, and come back with an accurate diagnosis.

Adar’s story

Find out more about our research.

Feeling inspired?

Thanks to the diverse research strengths of our academics, our undergraduate students can specialise in anything from music technology to medical engineering. They get to work with researchers who are changing the face of engineering, in facilities including an industry-standard clean room and music recording studios.

Our postgraduate students work closely with our research groups, focussing on communications technologies, intelligent systems and nanoscience and engineering education and management, giving them the opportunity to get-to-grips with a huge range of innovative engineering.

Free online learning

Re-imagine engineering by exploring its real-world applications and discovering the skill sets and knowledge involved. Engineering the Future: Creating the Amazing is a free course you can study at your own pace to discover more about the world of technology, design and innovation.