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RoboFish project hopes to improve offshore windfarm inspection

Posted on 14 October 2020

The RoboFish project looks to develop an autonomous marine robot which mimics the full-body movement of an eel or trout, allowing greater mobility compared to current autonomous underwater vehicles.

The RoboFish project began October 2019 and is headed by Dr. Mark Post of the Intelligent Systems and Nanoscience group. It hopes to improve the way in which offshore windfarms are inspected.

Our reliance on offshore wind farms is growing significantly and will continue to over the coming decades. However, ongoing corrosion from the sea means wind farms have to be regularly inspected. Currently, these inspections can be dangerous for divers to perform or require tethered vehicles with limited manoeuvrability. Building upon advances in acoustic communication, computer vision, electronic and autonomy technologies, the RoboFish project aims to provide a solution to these inspections by developing an agile and efficient marine robot which can be used to build 3D reconstructions of the inspected area, which can be easily investigated.

For more information on this project, visit the RoboFish webpages.