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Professor David Grace appointed as a 5G Trailblazer Pioneer by Ericsson

Posted on 8 December 2020

The recognition comes as his latest innovations in 5G research continue to advance communications across the country.

Professor David Grace, the Head of the Communication Technologies Research Group and the Director of the Centre for High Altitude Platform Applications (CHAPA), has been chosen as a 5G Trailblazer Pioneer by Ericsson in November 2020.

Ericsson has selected 25 people and teams as the UK’s top 5G Trailblazers, who have been recognised for their substantial contribution to Britain’s 5G technologies. Professor David Grace has spent over 20 years delivering wireless communications from aerial platforms. Current and recent research includes leading the H2020 MCSA SPOTLIGHT and H2020 MCSA 5G-AURA projects which deal with innovative 5G solutions, along with being one of the members of the Mobile Access North Yorkshire (MANY) project consortium. MANY will be using the University’s customised Helikite low altitude platform to provide temporary 5G connectivity for local events in remote areas of North Yorkshire.

CHAPA has been using the Helikite platform to conduct wireless communications, quantum communications and environmental monitoring experiments since 2017. The wireless communications experiments are delivered using Software Defined Radio (SDR) payloads and the resulting case study, “Delivering Wireless Services From the Sky With USRP and LabVIEW Communications”, won the National Instruments Engineering Impact Awards 2018 in the wireless communications category.