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PhD student has been accepted to present her work on robotic communication.

Posted on 26 June 2019

Naomi Gildert, a member of York Robotics Lab, will present her work at the 2019 Automation Science and Engineering conference in Vancouver, Canada.

Her work compares two different communication methods that object manipulation robots can use. In her presentation, she will explore the performance of a two-robot system, with a leader and a follower moving a box through a series of environments.

The leader is able to communicate instructions to the robot follower using one of two methods. The first is explicit communication, where the leader directly communicates instructions through wireless messaging. The second is implicit communication, where the follower infers information about movement goals by measuring the movement of the carried object.

The motivation behind her work is to create a richer understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of both strategies. By doing this, she hopes to be able to inform better robotic-controller design choices in the future. 

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