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Underwater networks

Posted on 5 September 2018

Dr Nils Morozs demonstrates newly developed technology for underwater communications.

Dr Nils Morozs showcases the new technology

On 2-3 July 2018, Dr Nils Morozs of the Communication Technologies took part in the ORCA Hub sea trials in Fort William, Scotland, where he demonstrated the underwater wireless sensor network technology developed in the EPSRC USMART project.

The sensor network prototype, developed in collaboration with the Universities of Heriot-Watt, Newcastle and Edinburgh, uses underwater acoustic communications to transmit the sensor node data to the master node. The sensor network used the TDA-MAC protocol, recently developed and published by Nils Morozs, Paul Mitchell and Yuriy Zakharov at York, to coordinate the transmissions from multiple underwater acoustic sensor nodes. This networking capability was showcased in a live demo to a group of potential industrial end users.

This prototype was developed as part of the EPSRC USMART project in the Underwater Networks research area of the Communication Technologies Research Group.