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Autonomous Robot Evolution: Cradle to Grave

Posted on 3 May 2018

Staff from the Department of Electronic Engineering to be part of £1.8M EPSRC funded project.

Head of Department, Professor Andy Tyrrell and Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Partnerships & Knowledge Exchange Professor Jon Timmis, will be investigators in the four-year, £1.8M funded project, Autonomous Robot Evolution (ARE): Cradle to Grave.

They will be collaborating with others from University of the West of England, Edinburgh Napier University and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam as part of the project. 

The project aims to combine advances in 3D-printing with a novel hybridised evolutionary architecture that will enable evolution to produce novel physical robots, customised to specific environments, within realistic time scales.

The long-term vision is a technology enabling the evolution of entire autonomous robotic ecosystems that live and work for long periods in challenging and dynamic environments without the need for direct human oversight.