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York Electronic Engineering Audio Lab Student Awarded AES Grant

Posted on 7 August 2018

York student, Marc Green, has received a $5000 grant for his commitment to audio engineering.

Marc Green, PhD student in Music Technology

Marc Green, PhD student in Music Technology in the Department of Electronic Engineering, has been awarded a grant of $5000 from the Audio Engineering Society Educational Foundation (AES) to support his studies. The award is given to 'exceptional applicants' who 'demonstrate commitment to audio engineering as a career choice'. Marc is currently halfway through his PhD studies, with a focus on the use of machine learning and spatial audio technology for environmental sound monitoring.

Upon receiving the award, Marc said:

"It feels great that the hard work I have put in so far on my PhD has been recognised by the AES. With this grant I'll be able to gather more extensive data, attend additional conferences to support my postgraduate development, and I will be able to travel to collaborate with colleagues in Tampere, Finland. The opportunities this provides will really help me to develop my research in more depth into new areas."

Marc's PhD supervisor, Professor Damian Murphy, said,

"This is well deserved recognition by the AES, our main professional organisation, for the significant achievements Marc has already made in his research, as well as for the potential Marc brings as an individual to our field of audio engineering. This is the third such award Electronic Engineering Audio Lab researchers have received from the AES Educational Foundation in recent years, and we are grateful for the support and recognition they offer to our postgraduate students in Audio and Music Technology".