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Dr Shuhei Miyashita has paper published in Science Robotics

Posted on 29 September 2017

Dr Shuhei Miyashita, the head of the Microrobotics Group in the department, and his former colleagues at MIT have published a paper "Robotic Metamorphosis by Origami Exoskeletons" in Science Robotics.

All four robots with minirobot

The study shows that various type of robots can be self-assembled from origami exoskeletons, and they can keep overwriting the abilities by equipping different exoskeletons.

Miyashita, S., Guitron, S., Li, S., and Rus D. (2017) Robotic Metamorphosis by Origami Exoskeletons, Science Robotics, 2 eaao4369

Video credit: MIT CSAIL 

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