Tackling contaminated waters in Vanuatu

Posted on 9 November 2016

At present in Vanuatu, over 10% of the population depend on unimproved river, lake or spring water. The situation grew worse following Cyclone Pam (March 2015), when half the population was without clean drinking water for one month after water and sanitation infrastructure was destroyed.


Steven Johnson from the Department of Electronics, with colleagues from the Department of Biology, and the Stockholm Environment Institute at York (SEI-Y) recently visited the rural village of Epau on the island of Efate, in collaboration with Oxfam in Vanuatu, to work with the community on the co-development of sensor technologies that could be used by local people to help make life-saving decisions about contaminated water supplies.

For the full story go to: https://www.york.ac.uk/news-and-events/features/2016/vanuatu-water-sensors/

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