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Professor Andy Hunt has book published via Kindle Direct Publishing

Posted on 12 October 2015

Electronics' very own Professor Andy Hunt has published his book, 'Managing Your Project: Achieving Success with Minimal Stress' via Kindle Direct Publishing.

Professor Hunt says:

'Managing Your Project is a toolkit for all final year project students at university and college, whatever subject they are doing, and covers everything from time and project management, literature reviews, report writing, presentations, the viva and a set of chapters aimed at each of the common problems that students encounter. Students and Supervisors should find that this improves the supervision process and the overall quality of their work and confidence throughout this daunting period of higher education.'

Managing Your Project is written to help all students in higher education with their solo project work. Drawn from over 25 years of successfully supervising projects, Professor Andy Hunt takes you through everything you need to know to make your project a success.

It does not replace the supervision process, nor give specific subject guidance, but instead is a guide for you - the student - to manage your own time, resources, surroundings, life and work.

It distils all the things that students have needed to know over the years about running a solo project successfully - from before the project choice is made to publishing your work on the international stage. All the things you learn here will help you in all future studies and careers where you need to organise your own time, work with other people, handle complex and demanding situations, and to flourish while you are doing this.

Written in an enthusiastic and lively style, it nevertheless contains valuable information about time and project management, the supervision process, working with others, handling literature, taking notes, using modern technology, successful project planning, report writing, giving presentations and handling a project viva.

Managing Your Project is a one-stop-shop guide to running a successful higher education solo project.

It is available exclusively through Amazon.

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