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Dr. James Alfred Walker Elevated to Senior IEEE Membership

Posted on Monday 12 October 2015

Dr James Alfred Walker, Research Fellow in the Department of Electronics, has been elevated to the grade of Senior Member in the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

Dr. Stephen Smith wins Innovation award at the Eleventh Medipex NHS Innovation Awards and Showcase

Posted on Monday 12 October 2015

Stephen Smith and clinical collaborators from Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust came first in the Medical Devices and Diagnostics category for developing LID-Monitor, a novel device that employs evolutionary algorithms to detect involuntary movements in patients with Parkinson’s disease. The device, commercialised through spin-out company ClearSky Medical Diagnostics, allows home monitoring of patients over a 24 hour period and produces an easy to interpret graph that can be presented to clinicians in order to inform any changes in medication that may benefit the patient.

Professor Andy Hunt has book published via Kindle Direct Publishing

Posted on Monday 12 October 2015

Electronics' very own Professor Andy Hunt has published his book, 'Managing Your Project: Achieving Success with Minimal Stress' via Kindle Direct Publishing.

Hearing the Past: St Mary’s Abbey Reconstructed

Posted on Friday 25 September 2015

A number of electronics staff are involved in producing a spectacular music and light finale to Yornight on 25 September, bringing the ruins of St Mary’s Abbey in York back to life.

Unfolding the mysteries of DNA origami

Posted on Tuesday 1 September 2015

Experiments performed by a University of York physicist have provided new insights into how DNA assembles into nanostructures, paving the way for more precise use in technology and medicine.

New Laboratory to Extend Experimental Research into Biologically-Inspired Technologies

Posted on Tuesday 30 June 2015

Researchers in the Department of Electronics have been awarded an EPSRC Experimental Equipment grant that will support and extend research into innovative bio-inspired technologies.

York academics take part in Science Museum Lates

Posted on Thursday 25 June 2015

Scientists from the University of York will take part in the Science Museum's 'Lates' event this week.

May 2015 Prof Gusz Eiben has Paper Published in Nature Journal

Posted on Friday 29 May 2015

Prof Gusz Eiben, a Visiting Professor in the Department and attached to the Intelligent Systems group is considered to be one of the world-leading authorities on Evolutionary Computation. This week saw the publication of a paper in Nature by Prof Eiben which discusses how theories from biological evolution can be used to inspire the creation of evolutionary algorithms and novel systems design.

Dr Danesh Tarapore Has Paper Published In Nature Journal

Posted on Friday 29 May 2015

Dr Danesh Tarapore, from York’s Department of Electronics, has had a paper published in Nature, an international weekly journal of science. The paper is titled “Robots that can adapt like animals”

Watch a video conversation between Prof. Jon Timmis and Alan Winfield - can robots evolve?

Posted on Thursday 30 April 2015

Professor Jon Timmis, Director of the York Robotics Laboratory and Co-Director of York Computational Immunology Lab at the University of York recently gave a talk at the Edinburgh International Science Festival titled “Can robots evolve?”

Dr James A. Walker gave an invited keynote talk at DATE Conference

Posted on Thursday 30 April 2015

Dr James A. Walker gave an invited keynote talk on "PAnDA: Programmable Analogue and Digital Array" at the Designing with Uncertainty - Opportunities & Challenges workshop, which took place as part of the Design Automation & Test in Europe (DATE) Conference, 9th - 13th March 2015, Grenoble, France.

SWEY Hackathon encourages future engineers

Posted on Thursday 9 April 2015

Celebrating its first birthday, the Society for Women in Engineering at York (SWEY) held a successful Hackathon in the Department of Computer Science in February.

Prof. Jon Timmis @ The Edinburgh International Science Festival: Can robots evolve?

Posted on Wednesday 11 February 2015

Professor Jon Timmis, Director of the York Robotics Laboratory and Co-Director of York Computational Immunology Lab at the University of York is to talk at the The Edinburgh International Science Festival will explain how biology is now influencing robotics research in a wide variety of ways.

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