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Processing big-data with Nanoscale Memristors

Wednesday 3 October 2018, 1.30PM to 3pm

Speaker(s): Prof Themis Prodromakis, University of Southampton


Recent advancements in nanotechnologies and smart materials have prompted the creation of a new class of devices that compared to conventional CMOS transistors, are capable of achieving ‘more’ functionalities (e.g. multi-bit operation) for ‘less’ energy/space. The ability of memristors to act as electrically tuneable multi-level, non-volatile resistive loads, combined with their inherently scaling-friendly, low power and back-end integrable fabrication processes has rendered them a highly promising candidate for use in emerging memory technologies. Nonetheless, memristive technologies have much more to offer; making the rich landscape of modern electronics design even more diverse. During this talk, I will present some examples from my group’s work on how memristive technologies can be exploited in several practical applications from neuromorphic systems to charge-based computing and even enabling bioelectronics medicines.



Prof Prodromakis is Professor of Nanotechnology and Head of the Electronic Materials and Devices Research Group in the Zepler Institute, University of Southampton, UK. He is recognized as a pioneer of metal-oxide Resistive Random-Access Memory technologies and is leading an interdisciplinary team comprising 15 researchers with expertise ranging from materials process development to electron devices and circuits and systems for embedded applications. He holds an EPSRC Fellowship, a Royal Society Industry Fellowship and is a Visiting Professor at the Department of Microelectronics and Nanoelectronics at Tsinghua University, CN and Honorary Fellow at Imperial College London. He is Fellow of the IET, Fellow of the Institute of Physics, Senior Member of the IEEE and serves as the Director of the Lloyds Register Foundation International Consortium for Nanotechnology (ICoN: In 2015, Prof Prodromakis established ArC Instruments Ltd, a start-up that delivers high-performance testing infrastructure for automating characterisation of novel nanodevices.




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