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Location and Chaining of Virtualized Network Functions for Caching in 5G Networks

Monday 8 May 2017, 2.00PM to 15:00

Speaker(s): Dr Vasilis Friderikos, King's College London


The key difference of 5G with previous generations is that 5G cannot be considered as a wireless standard alone. It is true that its heartbeat may still be a 3GPP-based defined radio access network, but the bottom line truth is that in order to deliver commercial benefits to operators and new vertical industries, the core network that inevitably includes high capacity wireline links will be as important as the fronthaul. Therefore, the key difference in 5G is that the required architectural change to support network virtualization and provision to reduce cost and allow vertical markets in the ecosystem will be eventually more important than an updated air interface to provide a higher data rate than LTE-A. In this talk, I will discuss the issue of caching as an important technology for future networks especially when considered within the Network Function Virtualization (NFV) framework which will constitute an important component of future 5G networks. Caching popular content on the edge of the network can be deemed as an effective technique to reduce aggregate traffic in the core network (especially during network congestion episodes) and allowing in that respect other non-cacheable time-critical applications to fully utilize available capacity including traffic related to 4K videos on various mobile devices, massive IoT, haptic communications, drone control or virtual reality to name but a few.


Vasilis Friderikos is a Reader in the Centre for Telecommunications Research (CTR), Department of Informatics at King's College London (KCL), He has published over 200 research papers and his research interests lie broadly within the closely overlapped areas of wireless networking, mobile computing, and architectural aspects of the Future Internet.



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