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The York Weather Station

The Department of Electronic Engineering maintains the weather station for the University of York. This has proved to be very popular both in the UK and abroad, and is used for research work in the department and elsewhere, with enquiries being received from holidaymakers from Virginia, and prospective students from all over the world wondering what clothes to pack.

Several notable events have been recorded by the equipment, including the exceptional rainfall in 2000 that caused severe flooding around York (although not, thankfully, at the University campus), and the gust of wind at approximately 11:00 on Boxing Day 1998 that caused the roof of the Jack Lyons Concert Hall to blow off.

This photograph is taken from the top of the 10 meter tower on which the instruments are mounted, and shows, from the left, the wind-vane and anemometer, the tipping bucket rain gauge, and the temperature and humidity sensor.