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Affiliated PhD students

The following are a selection of the over 40 PhD students affiliated with CECS.

NameThesis titleDepartmentSupervisor
Rhian Addison The Landscape Artists' Studio in the Age of Exhibitions: London, 1780-1850 History
of Art
Richard Johns
Jessica Ayres Women's Economic and Legal Roles in London's Court of Orphans, 1660-1720 History Natasha Glaisyer
Fighting for the Habsburgs: Community, Patriotism and the Kaiserlich-königliche Armee during the Wars against France, 1792-1818. History Jasper Heinzen
Gabriella Barnard-Edmunds Material Mobility and the Carriage in the Age of Austen English Chloe Wigston Smith
"Wrong but Wromantic": Remembering and Representing Civil War Royalists and Royalisms in England, 1642-present History Geoff Cubitt
Sharon Choe Deformed, Dismembered, Disembodied: Re-inventing the Body Politic in William Blake English Jon Mee
Aidan Collins Bankruptcy in the Court of Chancery, 1674-1750  History  Natash Glaisyer
Katie Crowther Georgian Paper Traces: Women’s Stories, Ephemeral Texts and Hidden Objects English  Chloe Wigston Smith/Ben Wilcock (National Trust) 
Charlotte Davis The approaches of key carvers active in post-Restoration England: Francis Bird, Caius Gabriel Cibber, Grinling Gibbons, and Edward Pierce History
of Art 
Anthony Geraghty 
Memorandum Books, Markets, and Identities, 1748-1850 History Hannah Greig
Alexander Echlin The Architecture of Lord Burlington reconsidered History
of Art
Anthony Geraghty
Gail Falkingham The Vision of Antiquity: The influence of neoclassicism upon the eighteenth-century designed landscapes of northern England Archaeology  Jonathan Finch 
Rachel Feldberg Non-elite women’s engagement with the production, use and consumption of scientific knowledge making, 1740 and 1810 History Gillian Russell/Mark Jenner
British Responses to the French Revolution English Emma Major
The Noblest Insects of Industry': Identity, Form & Poetic Tradition in the Northern Industrial City English Alison O'Byrne
Francesca Killoran Whores, Harlots, and Harlequins: Locating Female Sympathies in 1790s Prostitute Narratives English  Emma Major
Frances Long Children's Sleep in England, c1650-1830 History Mark Jenner
Emma Marshall Sickness, Healthcare and Family Power Dynamics in England, c. 1650-1750 History  Mark Jenner 
Declan McCormack Theatre and Associational Life in Late Eighteenth-Century Northern England and the Scottish Borders History Catriona Kennedy
Elizabeth Potter William Blake, Sir Joshua Reynolds, and Marginalia English Jon Mee
“Mechanic Art and Elocutionary Science”: Speech Production in British Literature, 1770s-1820s English Mary Fairclough
Dustin Risner The Influence of Biblical Apocalyptic Literature on Imperial Gothic Writers English  Jim Watt
Caroline Ritchie Blake's Networks English Jon Mee/Amy Concannon (Tate)
Jimena Ruiz Marron “No Musick’s better than the Winds do make”: Soundscapes in seventeenth-centurywomen’s writings History  Mark Jenner/Emilie Murphy
Gemma Shearwood Beyond “the usual Pomp and Solemnity”: Female Grief, Racial Pain, and Queer Loss in the Sculptural Canon of Westminster Abbey after 1660 History
of Art 
Jason Edwards 
Rebecca Simpson Pregnancy and Birth in Literary Culture, 1720-1820. English Mary Fairclough
British Women's Travel Writing to Latin America and Historiography, 1820-1850 English Emma Major
Murray Tremellen A palace within a Palace: the Speaker's House at Westminster, 1794-1834 History
of Art 
Anthony Geraghty 
Valeria Viola  Architecture, Devotion, Family Life. Chapels in Aristocratic Houses of Baroque Palermo, 1650-1780  History
of Art 
Helen Hills 
Liz Waring  “Most Women have no Characters at all”: Gender and Agency in Godfrey Kneller’s Portraits of Women 1676-1723  History
of Art 
Richard Johns 
Kirsty Wright St Stephen's College and the Palace of Westminster, 1554-1698: Politics, Patronage and Space History John Cooper