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Affiliated PhD students

The following are a selection of the over 40 PhD students affiliated with CECS.

NameThesis titleDepartmentSupervisor
Rhian Addison Landscape Artists' Studio in the Age of Exhibitions: London, 1780-1850 History of Art Richard Johns / Amy Concannon (Tate)
Jessica Ayres Women's Economic and Legal Roles in London's Court of Orphans, 1660-1720 History Natasha Glaisyer
"Wrong but Wromantic": Remembering and Representing Civil War Royalists and Royalisms in England, 1642-present History Geoff Cubitt
Hayley Braithwaite Excavating the City: The Gothic Impulses of George W. M. Reynolds's The Mysteries of London/The Mysteries of the Court of London (1844-1856) English Alison O'Byrne & Deborah Russell
Sharon Choe Deformed, Dismembered, Disembodied: Re-inventing the Body Politic in William Blake English Jon Mee
Katie Crowther Georgian Paper Traces: Women’s Stories, Ephemeral Texts and Hidden Objects English  Chloe Wigston Smith/Ben Wilcock (National Trust) 
Kathryn Davies Reinstating Mrs Jameson: Revolutionary Iconographer and Shaper of the Gothic Revival History of Art Jane Hawkes
Charlotte Davis Sculptural practice at the end of the seventeenth century History of Art  Anthony Geraghty 
The Development of the Pocket Memorandum Book in Georgian Britain History Hannah Greig & Mark Jenner
Gail Falkingham The Vision of Antiquity: The influence of neoclassicism upon the eighteenth-century designed landscapes of northern England Archaeology  Jonathan Finch 
Rachel Feldberg Non-elite women’s engagement with the production, use and consumption of Natural Knowledge, 1740-1810 History Gillian Russell & Mark Jenner
French aristocraticwomen's responses to the French Revolution through thier memoirs English Emma Major
Sian Hibbert Violence in Languedoc, 1680-170 History Stuart Carroll
Francesca Killoran Whores, Harlots, and Harlequins: The Development of the Prostitute Narrative in 1790s Women's Writing English  Emma Major
Frances Long Children's Sleep in England, c1650-1830 History Mark Jenner
Emma Marshall Social Dynamics and the Management of Sickness and Healthcare in Elite English Families, c.1620-1750 History  Mark Jenner 
“Mechanic Art and Elocutionary Science”: Speech Production in British Literature, 1770s-1820s English Mary Fairclough
Dustin Risner The Influence of Biblical Apocalyptic Literature on Imperial Gothic Writers English  Jim Watt
Caroline Ritchie Visionary Mapping in the Work of William Blake English Jon Mee/Amy Concannon (Tate)
Maria Graham and South America: Travel, Historiography, and Intellectual Networks English Emma Major
Murray Tremellen A palace within a Palace: the Speaker's House at Westminster, 1794-1834 History of Art  Anthony Geraghty 
Liz Waring  “Most Women have no Characters at all”: The Representation of Female Identity in Godfrey Kneller's Portraits of Women, 1676-1723  History of Art  Richard Johns