MA Modules 

All core modules for the MA programmes offered at the Centre can also be taken as an optional module.

In addition to the list below, students are welcome to take an elective module from other periods/departments, subject to availabilty/timetabling.

Please note that the following is a provisional list of the modules offered in 2019-20 and may, therefore, be subject to change.

2019-20 option modules:

Autumn Term 2019 option modules

Changes of Meaning, Narratives of Change (core module for MA in Eighteenth Century Studies)
Romantic Texts (MS Word , 16kb) English module (Core module for MA in Literature of the Romantic Period, 1775-1832)
Gothic Bodies (MS Word , 328kb) English module
J M W Turner History of Art module
Fashion: Theories, Materials and Images 1540-1940 History of Art module
The British Problem: The Making of an Early Modern State History module
The Material World of the Russian Imperial Court, 1700-1917 History module (New module! Module description available in September)
Making the Nation Archaeology module

Spring Term 2020 option modules

Wollstonecraft to Jane Austen: Feminity and Literary Culture CECS module
Comedy of Difference: Britishness and Otherness, 1775-1850 English module
Art & Raj: Visual Culture and British Imperialism in India c.1780-1900 History of Art module
Representing Women in 18th Century Britain: Ideas, Images & Texts History module
The Company-State: The East India Company 1600-1773 History module (New Module! Module description available in September.)
Gendering the Exotic – Exoticising Gender, c.1700-1920History module
Parliament, People and Representation in Britain since the late 18th Century History module
Empires of Improvement Archaeology module

Alternatively, you can see a full list of modules for each department via the following links:

Department of Archaeology
Department of English and Related Literature
Department of History
Department of History of Art