Fees and Funding for September 2019 entry

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Postgraduate taught: fees and funding

Postgraduate research: fees and funding

How can I fund my postgraduate degree?

We list below the main funding sources for students joining the Centre in September 2019. However, it is also possible to self-fund your postgraduate study, and you may find helpful suggestions on the English Department's Life without full funding page.

UK Government postgraduate loan scheme

If you are starting a Masters degree you may be entitled to a govenerment-backed loan of up to £10,609

CECS £1000 awards

The Centre for Eighteenth Century Studies offers several awards for the MA in Eighteenth Century Studies, each worth £1,000 towards fees. All successful applications received and accepted by the end of June 2019 will be automatically considered, unless another major award has already been allocated. These are open to all eligible applicants from the UK, EU and Overseas.

York Graduate Loyalty Discount (Home and EU)

The University is offering a discount in taught postgraduate Masters tuition fees for all Home and EU alumni who have graduated with an undergraduate degree from the University of York.  Eligible candidates will have their tuition fees discounted by 10%. 

Full details can be found on the University's Postgraduate Study website

Doctoral Funding

White Rose College of the Arts and Humanities - Doctoral funding (UK/EU)

The White Rose College of the Arts & Humanities (WRoCAH) is a Doctoral Training Partnership of the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York.  It is responsible for the distribution of AHRC-funded doctoral studentships for these universities and for the coordination of a doctoral training programme. 

WRoCAH is able to offer 50 AHRC studentships per year to candidates with a place for doctoral study at the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield or York.  Applicants for an AHRC studentship must have applied for a place of study in an eligible School, Department or Centre and may only apply for funding at one of Leeds, Sheffield or York. 

The closing deadline for the receipt of applications for WRoCAH funding is will shortly be announced.   The studentship application form and details of how to apply are only available from the WRoCAH website.  

Overseas Students

USA Students

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Self funding?

The majority of postgraduate students in the UK, particularly in the Arts and Humanities, are now largely self funded.  If you are in this position, please don’t despair; it does not invalidate your quest for postgraduate study or research.  If you have made a successful application to York, we would very much like you to take up your place, if at all possible.  Here are some suggestions which may help.

Part-time employment

Many students successfully combine work and study. 

The University's Careers Service can help current students to find local temporary work, as well as offering careers-related support and advice.

Part-time study

All our postgraduate programmes are available on a full- or part-time basis. Studying part time reduces the yearly tuition fee while freeing up time for paid work.

Charitable funding

Lots of charities offer financial support for postgraduate students. While the awards are often small and targeted at particular students based on their ethnicity, nationality or other factors, they are worth exploring as there may well be one where you will fit the criteria.  

Examples include:

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