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Since graduating in 2009 with a BA in English Philology from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland, and completing the CELTA, I have taught English on all levels from complete beginners to proficiency, Business English, English for Academic Purposes and exam preparation courses. In 2012 I passed the DELTA and in 2013 I became an IELTS and PET examiner. I have also taught Spanish and Polish, and worked as a teacher trainer and materials writer. I co-author a know rarely updated ELT blog at and bi-weekly ELT podcasts at I also run TEFL Equity Advocates at, a website focusing on native speakerism in ELT, where I edit the blog and host monthly webinars. I have spoken and been invited to speak at various ELT conferences including TESOL International and IATEFL World, and have given several webinars for teachers. I have also written numerous articles for ELT magazines and newsletters, such as IATEFL Voices and EL Gazette. In my PhD research I focus on native speakerism and ELF.


Academic publications

Kiczkowiak, M & Wu, A. (in press). Discrimination and discriminatory practices against NNESTs. In A. F. Selvi (Ed.) TESOL Encyclopaedia of English Language Teaching – Vol. XX. New Jersey: Wiley-Blackwell

Kiczkowiak, M., Baines, D. & Krummenacher, K. (in review). Using awareness raising activities on initial teacher training courses to tackle 'Native Speakerism’. English Language Teacher Education and Development Journal

Selected non-academic publications

Kiczkowiak, M. (July 2011). A (non-)Nativity Scene: Schools breaking EU law. EL Gazette, p.4

Kiczkowiak, M. (March 2014). (non-)Nativity scenes. TESOL NNEST Newsletter

Kiczkowiak, M. (September 2014). Equity in TEFL. TESOL NNEST Newsletter

Kiczkowiak, M. (October 2014). What happened to drilling? BELTA Bulletin

Kiczkowiak, M. (March 2015). NEST only. IATEFL Voices, 243, p. 8-10

Kiczkowiak, M. (November 2015). The Native Speaker Delusion. TESOL France Newsletter

Selected conference talks and webinars

April 2014, with Chris Holmes: Misconceptions that just won’t go away. BELTA Belgium

September 2014, with James Beddington: All teachers are equal, but some more than others. IATEFL Poland

October 2014: Do you understand? Effective ways of concept checking. BELTA webinar, available online:

March 2015, with Kyung-Hee Bae, Brock Brady, Jun Liu, Lucie Moussu, Aya Matsuda and Ali Fuad Selvi. Opportunities, Engagement and Support: The future of leadership in TESOL. TESOL International

November 2015, with Robert McCaul: New ELT recruitment model: hire the best teachers. TESOL Italy

February 2016: Dealing with fossilsed errors. EFLtalks webinar, available online:

March 2016, with Daniel Baines: Acting against Native Speakerism: teacher training and classroom activities. TESOL Spain

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