Agata Lambrechts



  • 2015 - 2018 (expected), PhD in Education, University of York, United Kingdom
  • 2013 - 2014, PG Certificate Polish-British Strategic Partnership in the EU and NATO (Distinction),  Double Award from the Jagiellonian University in KrakoĢw, Poland and The Polish University Abroad, London, United Kingdom 

Final project: Europeanisation of Security Policies in Poland and United Kingdom. (Distinction)

  • 2012 - 2013, MA International Politics and Human Rights (Distinction), City University London, London, United Kingdom

MA Dissertation: Is Russia the ‘Other’ of European identity? Discourse analysis of the European Union's foreign and security policy. (Distinction)

  • 2008 - 2012, LLB Law (Hons) (First Class),  London South Bank University, London, United Kingdom

Law Project: Protecting those who need protection. Does the European Court of Human Rights decision in MSS v Belgium and Greece (30696/09) and the Court of Justice of the European Union decision in N.S v Secretary of State for the Home Department C-411/10 provide a satisfactory clarification of the law relating to the non-refoulement principle in Europe? (Distinction) 


08. 2013 - 09. 2015 - City University of London, London, Student Batch Scheme Co-ordinator

10. 2013 - 12. 2014 - City University of London, London, Research Assistant (voluntary)

04. 2009 – 08. 2013 – City University of London, London, Student Adviser04.

2008 – 04. 2009 – City University of London, London, Receptionist/Administrative Assistant

11. 2007 –03. 2008 – TheBigChoice Ltd., London, Office Administrator




Higher Education for Refugees and Asylum Seekers in the European Union countries.  A Multidisciplinary Comparative Inquiry.  Case studies from Poland and the United Kingdom

My research project examines and compares the educational situation (at HE level) of young refugees and asylum seekers (18 - 24) who have recently arrived in one of the two countries: Poland or the United Kingdom.  The study aims to provide insight into the inclusion of refugee and asylum-seeking young people in higher education programmes and differences in access as affected by pre-migration and post-migration determinants like gender, background, asylum systems, economic capital etc., as experienced by the young people; to scrutinise the role of the state and institutions in enabling or preventing transition to HE through analysis of relevant international, regional and national law provisions and practical actions and policy initiatives that have been, and are being, undertaken by governments, non-governmental organisations and universities to provide quality education to these young people.  Finally, the research aims to provide a rationale for higher education of refugees to become a policy priority within the European Union states, with a list of suggestions for changes to law and policy, and to the approach taken by universities and non-governmental organisations.


Dr Paul Wakeling (Department of Education)

Dr Charlotte O’Brien (York Law School)


Memberships and Awards

  • 2015 - present, Society for Research into Higher Education, Student Member
  • 2013 - present, UACES, The Academic Association for Contemporary European Studies, Student Member·        
  • 2013 - present, British International Studies Association, Student Member


Economic and Social Research Council White Rose Doctoral Training Centre PhD Studentship in Education