Primary MFL Development Programme

Drawing on the Ofsted languages research review and KS2 National Curriculum Programme of Study, this two-part CPD series provides primary MFL leaders and teachers not only with the essential knowledge, but also the tools to be able to set out an ambitious and fully resourced KS2 language curriculum.

Outstanding curriculum design for primary languages

  • Timing: five hours, in 2 x 2.5 hour sessions
  • Fee: £185
  • Audience: Primary subject leads for MFL/Primary MFL teachers
  • Course presenters: Jenny Hopper and Victoria Hobson
  • Delivery: Online via Zoom

Both sessions come with extensive, freely available resources that are being created as a fully-resourced four year consecutive (or two year rolling) SOW, with embedded audio versions available, where needed.

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CPD Unit

In this session we consider why curricula that may have served schools well in the past are simply not ambitious enough now.

We explore the importance of a carefully sequenced curriculum that finds the ‘sweet spot’ where high-frequency vocabulary, phonics and grammar lead to confident, creative communication in culturally-rich contexts. The ideas and principles can be applied to any KS2 languages curriculum.

  • Date: Monday 3rd June
  • Time: 4.00-6.30

In this session we apply the principles we identified in Part 1 to the three knowledge strands (phonics, vocabulary, grammar) and consider the design implications of each.

We use this checklist to articulate a clear sequence of steps towards PMFL provision that generates a fascination for words and how language works, a wider curiosity about the peoples and cultures of the new language and the foundational knowledge to support confident communication.

  • Date: Monday 17th June
  • Time: 4.00-6.30

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CPD Unit