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Sexuality, gender and education

Gender inequalities in education affect access to, participation in, and outcomes of education at all stages. We are interested in the ways gender expectations, norms and identities influence children’s, young people’s and adults’ experiences of schooling and further education and vice versa. Research focuses on teenagers’ views on relationship violence; the role of schools in preventing youth violence; intersections between education, public health and social work in preventing violence and sexual exploitation among young people; youth perspectives on sex and relationships education; addressing gender sexuality and diversity in sex and relationships education; teaching about sexual diversity in primary educational and lad cultures and violence against women in higher education.



Joe Fagan, Department of Education

Micky Ross, Department of Education

Vanita Sundaram, Department of Education

Paul Wakeling, Department of Education



Engaging young people with gender, sexuality and violence prevention

Exploring the role of gender, sexuality and diversity

Lad Culture in Higher Education

Universities Supporting Survivors of Sexual Violence

Young women's experiences of sex and relationships education