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Literacy, literature and social justice

This theme includes policy research which considers aspects of entitlement and cultural capital, for example; empirical work within and about schools; and the study of literary texts, including children’s literature. We work primarily with English in Education, looking at L1 literacy and literature; we also use methods of literary and narrative analysis to study various kinds of discourses surrounding childhood and education. The question of social justice is often at the heart of English teaching more generally, and it is a particular theme in our research. Current projects include creative writing teaching in schools, theatre and citizenship, Shakespeare and curriculum, and representations of precocious youth in literature and culture. We often consider ways of creating research outputs which are of practical use for teachers and students.



Clémentine Beauvais

Amanda Naylor

Sarah Olive

Catherine Shawyer


Literacy, literature and social justice projects

Child precocity in culture and education

Education, citizenship and drama in Japan and England

South East/East Asian Shakespeare