Accessibility statement

Education, globalisation and the nation

Ian Davies (UK), Eric Kingman Chong (China), Terrie Epstein and Debbie Sonu (USA), Carla Peck and Alan Sears (Canada), Andrew Peterson (Australia), Alistair Ross (European Union), Maria Auxiliadora Moreira dos Santos Schmidt (Brazil).

An international team of authors is producing a book to be published by Palgrave Macmillan. We will discuss how education is developed about - and for - the nation. Case studies of individual countries will illuminate how the form of education that emerges within countries reflects (or fails to reflect) the multi-national nature of those locations. We will make comparisons between countries and reflect on the extent to which these countries see themselves as preparing students for international (i.e. inter-national or, between the nations) understanding and experience. We will explore the ways in which this national provision has developed in relation to post-national globalising forces.

As such, there are three overlapping themes to the book:

  1. what sort of education about and for the nation takes place within individual countries and focuses on the nation as a distinct unit;
  2. what connections are there between education that focuses on the nation as a distinct unit and that nation’s connections to other similarly distinct nations (i.e., educational initiatives in relation to internationalisation);
  3. what issues emerge from national and international initiatives and characterisations that are pertinent to globalisation (i.e. a more overarching and inclusive conception of education that goes beyond the nation state).