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Citizenship, character and values education

This project explores citizenship, character and values education.

One group (Eleanor, Peter, Ian and Isabel) is researching the ways in which values based education is described in official documents in Spain, England, Mexico and China. Legislation, government policy documents and non-statutory guidance are being reviewed. A publication is being prepared to compare the contexts and issues in the chosen countries. The researchers are developing ideas about the significance of tradition as well as the relevance of structural, curricular and pedagogical issues for particular forms of values based education. Each country is developing a distinct approach but certain overarching themes are emerging across the four countries to do with individual and collective responsibility, adherence to centrally defined norms and the emphasis that is placed on moral as opposed to social or political preferences.

Another group (Beatrice, Fatma and Ian) are exploring issues about character and citizenship in the context of heritage schools. They are investigating the research question 'What do staff in a heritage school(s) think is meant by character?' A literature review will be completed prior to data gathering.

A third group (Poppy and Amanda) are currently looking at mental health and resilience in Sixth Form students, with a focus on transitions to and from Sixth Form.

Members of the group are planning to contribute a paper to the 12th Annual CitizED Conference Citizenship and Character: Clarifying Characterisations and Exploring Collaboration, University of Birmingham, UK, 28 – 30 July 2016. One of the group is a member of the organising committee for that conference.

The team are working together with Professor Tilman Grammes (University of Hamburg, Germany) in the development of a special issue of the Journal of Social Science Education which will explore citizenship and character education. Several papers are in preparation for academic journals on the themes of values, character and citizenship education.

Further information about these projects may be found by contacting Ian Davies.


Eleanor Brown, Department of Education

Peter Daibo Chen, East China Univeristy of Political Science and Law

Ian Davies, Department of Education

Isabel Munguía Godínez, Department of Education

Poppy Nash, Department of Education

Amanda Naylor, Department of Education