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Research projects

Researchers in CRESJ are actively engaged in a range of projects connected to our research themes. Details of current and recent projects are listed below.

Our research has been funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, the Esmee Fairburn Foundation, the British Academy, the Society for Research into Higher Education, the Higher Education Funding Council for England and the Higher Education Academy.

Ready to teach global citizenship? (2016-2018)

This research compares the impact of teacher education programmes in Spain, England, Colombia and Pakistan on student teachers’ views and expected practices of global citizenship education.

Jean Monnet Network for Citizenship Education in Europe

A Jean Monnet Network has been established by CiCe (Children’s identity and citizenship in Europe).

Youth activism, engagement and the development of new civic learning spaces

This Leverhulme-funded project involves an international team exploring key ideas and issues about the ways in which young people participate in society and what implications that has for education.

Realising Opportunities

Researchers in CRESJ have taken on an independent evaluation of the Realising Opportunities Programme. 

Universities Supporting Survivors of Sexual Violence (USSSV) (2016-2018)

This project will develop and evaluate ‘first response’ training programmes for university staff working  with survivors of sexual violence. 

Exploring young women's experiences of sex and relationships education, learning sexuality and doing gender at school (2014-2015)

This project explores the schooling experiences of young women, in particular, in relation to sex and relationships education and learning about gender and sexuality in school. 

Exploring the role of gender, sexuality and diversity in the 2014 Sex and Relationships Education Guidance for England and Wales (2014-2015)

This project primarily uses critical discourse analysis to explore the ways in which discursive silences in the SRE curriculum function to re/produce normative and heterosexist expectations for gender and sexual behaviour and identities. 

Earlier-than-thou: Child precocity in culture and education

This project looks at the changing scientific, cultural and educational discourses surrounding child precocity since the early 20th century.

Creating conditions for flourishing in higher education: non-formal learning communities at university

This project explores the experiences of undergraduate students involved in a living-learning community at university

Evaluating Intercultural Competency Strategies Within College Communities

This project explores how intercultural activities at university can facilitate engagement between 'home' and international students

Education, citizenship and drama in Japan and England

Research is exploring the interconnections between citizenship education and participation in drama in both countries.

Teaching Shakespeare in South/South East Asia

A project which examines Shakespeare in higher education in the region.

Universities and elite outcomes

Using data from the BBC's Great British Class Survey, this project investigates the association between attending particular universities and social and economic outcomes.

Widening Access to Postgraduate Study and the Professions

CRESJ researchers are leading the research element of a £2.9M project funded under HEFCE's Postgraduate Support Scheme, looking at the barriers to and motivations for entering postgraduate study.

Lad Culture in Higher Education

Funded by the Society for Research into Higher Education, this project explores the phenomenon of 'lad culture' in higher education from the staff perspective.

Education, Globalisation and the Nation

Professor Ian Davies is part of a group from seven countries working on comparative case studies of education about 'the nation'.

Exploring the learning and experience of international volunteers in Thailand

This project looks at the ways in which international volunteering placements affect (or not) the political engagement and attitudes of volunteers.

Teacher education for citizenship: changing policies and curricula in Kazakhstan, the UK and Australia

Through a comparative case study of the three countries, researchers are investigating how citizenship education is established and implemented and how teachers are prepared for this.

Programme analysis of HEFCE's Postgraduate Support Scheme

Paul Wakeling is conducting an analysis and evaluation of this £25 million scheme which is intended to increase and broaden participation in taught postgraduate study in England.

Creating Citizenship Communities

Funded by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, this project was a collaboration between CRESJ and the National Foundation for Educational Research which investigated community cohesion activities undertaken by schools and their impact on pupils.