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Pictures of Youth: Visual Culture for Children

Posted on 5 November 2018

Registration is open now for a free online course, starting on 12 November 2018, created and led by two lecturers in English in Education at the Department: Pictures of Youth: Visual Culture for Children. You can also follow the course on Twitter using hashtag #FLPicturesofYouth.

The course is about exploring and analysing visual works targeted at children, such as picturebooks, comics, film and television. It is designed to be of interest to anyone working in, thinking of going into, or just plain curious about education, English literature, visual art, media studies, film and television studies.

Among the wide-ranging material covered over the four weeks is 'an anticonsumerist Little Red Riding Hood, using wordless comics in the classroom', the work of Japanese anime giants Studio Ghibli, and representations of children staging Shakespearean theatre on reality television programmes.

The course has developed organically out of Clementine Beauvais and Sarah Olive's work as colleagues teaching on the department's BA English in Education, which includes modules focused on children in literature, children's creativity, creative writing, literacies, and teaching subject English. It is also underpinned by their passion for and research interests in children's literature, children's visual culture, Shakespeare in education and popular culture, and Japanese popular culture. Clementine and Sarah regularly supervise (often co-supervise) dissertations, from undergraduate through to PhD, on these and related topics.

Those acquainted with the work of the University of York Science Education Group might recognise the National STEM Learning Centre and some of its wonderful literary resources for children, young people and their teachers as the backdrop for the course's filming. Yes, this is one course where watching videos, and enthusiastically discussing them with your course-mates afterwards, is strictly encouraged.

Find out more, including details of how to book your place on our Pictures of Youth: Visual Culture for Children course.

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