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Centre for Research in Language Learning and Use (CReLLU)

The aim of the Centre for Research in Language Learning and Use is to lead cutting edge interdisciplinary research relating to language learning, language use and language in education. Research encompasses foreign, second, bilingual and first language acquisition and the relations between them.

Researchers work in projects focusing on a wide range of topics. These include many aspects of second language acquisition, such as bilingualism, biliteracy, classroom-based language learning and teaching, cognition, computer-assisted language learning, individual differences, language (education) policies, motivation, reading and writing.

CReLLU researchers work with a wide range of traditional and cutting-edge methodologies, offering expertise in many data collection and analysis techniques for applied linguistics research, such as experimental research design, discourse and corpus analysis, language elicitation tests, research synthesis. The Centre also has a psycholinguistics and neurolinguistics laboratory, allowing for research into real-time language processing (eg self-paced reading and listening; eye-tracking; and ERP recording).

Professor Leah Roberts
CReLLU Research Centre Leader