Is citizenship education the same as character education?

Supervisor: Professor Ian Davies

A) Rationale for the project

Several countries include both citizenship and character in guidance provided for teachers. It is possible that citizenship focuses on the social and political while character is essentially about moral issues. This project will explore the ideas and issues relevant to these fields. Policy documents, the perceptions of key respondents and the practices of educators and students will provide possible sources of data.

B) References that should be read (if you do not have access to these, please email

Kisby, Ben (2017) 'Politics is ethics done in public': exploring linkages and disjunctions between citizenship education and character education in England. Journal of Social Science Education, 16 (3). pp. 7-20. 

C) Research aims / questions

  • What is character education?
  • What is citizenship education?
  • Are there links between citizenship and character education?

D) Methods

A review of literature including policy statements will be followed by qualitative research on the views and/or practices of teachers and students.