MA in Education (by Research)

Programme Leader: Dr Sarah Olive

Please note: This course will no longer be running from 1 October 2019.


This degree offers an opportunity to undertake a study leading to the production of a 25,000 word dissertation. In keeping with the Departmental tradition of applied educational research, applications from students wishing to study current trends and developments in education are particularly welcomed.

Each student will be allocated a supervisor who will have responsibility for guiding and aiding the student in the production and submission of the dissertation on their research topic. This programme can be undertaken either on a full-time (one-year) basis or on a part-time (two-year) basis. For the full-time version there will normally be at least four supervisions each term; for the part-time version there will normally be at least two supervisions each term.

You can apply to start this programme at the beginning of any month, although the most common time to start is at the beginning of the academic year in October. All students are expected to spend some time at the start of the programme on refining their research design and updating their knowledge of research methodology. Those students starting the programme in October are welcome to attend a module on research methods in education if they wish to do so; this module comprises a weekly session taught during the daytime for ten weeks during the autumn term.

You will need to prepare a research proposal about 800 words in length which will be submitted at the time of applying, so that we can get a clear idea of the topic area you are interested in and how you intend to go about collecting data. 

For further information, please contact the programme leader.

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The award of the MA is based on the successful submission of the 25,000-word dissertation, submitted at the end of the period of registration.


Further information


Jayne McCullagh
Research Programmes Administrator

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