Science: Biology, Chemistry, Physics

The Science PGCE programme prepares you to teach Science courses at KS3 and KS4; to contribute, as one of a Science department team, to the teaching of broad and balanced Science courses at KS3 and KS4.

You will also focus on your specialist Science area:




The programme aims to ensure that all Science trainees develop an understanding of what makes an effective teacher through collaborative teaching and learning groups. In the summer term there are more opportunities to explore some of the wider concerns of specialist Science areas.

Many of the skills of an effective Science teacher: lesson planning, questioning, assessing learning, management of practical work and laboratory safety are requirements common to all teachers in all Science disciplines. These sessions are structured to provide examples from all three curriculum areas to ensure that all trainees not only develop these skills in their specialist subject, but also gain insight into the development and use of these skills across the Science curriculum.

The University's unique position as one of the UK's leading centres for curriculum development and research in Science education and as home to the National Science Learning Centre (NSLC), means that your programme benefits from best practice in curriculum and professional development, training and research.

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