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Fiona Gilligan

Why did you decide to train as a teacher?

I want to help change the misconception that it is OK to be bad at Maths, or saying 'I can't do Maths' is a valid excuse. I want children to see that being able to do basic Maths is as necessary as being able to read or write.  

Why did you choose to train with the University of York?

I really enjoyed my undergrad experience at York and missed York as a city.  

What have been particular highlights of your training so far?

I've enjoyed meeting new people, making friends and sharing different experiences we've had.   

What advice would you give to current University of York undergraduates in your subject area who are thinking of teaching and considering doing their training at York?

Revise your subject knowledge: there are some topics in Maths on the curriculum that you won't have seen since secondary school!

Fiona Gilligan

PGCE Mathematics

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Department of Education
University of York

Tel: + 44 (0) 1904 323454

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