James Pitt



I am an Honorary Visiting Fellow at the Department of Education having previously been a senior research fellow.  My current interests centre on linking education and systems thinking, and education for a circular economy.  This has grown from my work with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation where I have been Advisor for Design, Engineering and Science.

Previous work both in UK and internationally focused on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and education for sustainability.   For many years I was the lead consultant in a curriculum development project in Russia, where I collaborated with Russian colleagues on the restructuring of the Technology curriculum in schools, introducing design education.  This was based on an active learning paradigm to develop children's creativity and personal learning and thinking skills, building training capacity to disseminate the reforms, and developing appropriate pre-service training courses.

As well as supervising BA and MA students in education for sustainable development at York I have worked as a consultant in design & technology for a wide range of external organisations including the British Council, Design Council, Nuffield Curriculum Projects, Specialist Schools and Academies Trust, Practical Action, the National STEM Centre and curriculum authorities in Sri Lanka and Kazakhstan.

In the course of this I have had over 60 publications including (for example) books on British Design Education (2002), Leading Practice in STEM (2009) and System Reset: Design and Technology for a Circular Economy – Teachers’ Guide (2012), resources for students in English and Russian, and a wide range of academic journal articles.


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