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Dr Rachael Cheung



I’m a post-doctoral Research Associate working with the Better Start Bradford Innovation Hub on the Language and Communication Stream (Talking Together). My PhD was in Infant and Child Development (Leverhulme Trust Doctoral Scholar), and focussed on word learning, language delay, and cognitive development.

I have a background in Medicine, and was previously working as a junior doctor in Psychiatry and in Emergency Medicine.

Departmental roles

  • Research Associate



My post-doctoral work includes evaluating the effectiveness of language interventions with Better Start Bradford, in particular focussing on a home-based intervention called Talking Together, developed by local service providers BHT. Although many different interventions for language delay exist, few have sufficient evidence of improving outcomes, and to make sure they work across different areas, more research is required - which is where this project sits. This role involves working collaboratively with the Innovation Hub, service providers, and stakeholders on designing, delivering, and distributing evidence-based research that works in real-world settings.

My PhD work focussed on cognitive science related to early word learning, referential ambiguity, and cross-situational word learning. I also ran a longitudinal project on late talking children following them up from 2 - 4.5-years-old, and investigating how they learn, how this changes over time, and how this affects their understanding of non-verbal symbols and communication. I have previously worked with fMRI (resting state functional connectivity), examining the effect of electronic media on the adolescent brain.

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