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Dr Lisa Kim



I am a Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor in Psychology in Education and a chartered psychologist (CPsychol) with the British Psychological Society. I am the Director of the HEART (Health, Effectiveness, And Retention of Teachers) Research Group. I received my PhD in Psychology from the University of Sydney, Australia and worked as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow for the Teacher Selection Project, funded by the European Research Council Consolidator Grant.

My research interests lie in understanding the characteristics of what makes a great teacher, particularly in relation to non-cognitive characteristics and wellbeing. Specifically, I investigate the role of teachers’ non-cognitive characteristics and teacher wellbeing on processes (e.g., instructional quality) and outcomes (e.g., student academic achievement, teacher retention). I use interdisciplinary frameworks, including educational psychology, organisational psychology, personality and individual differences, and use both quantitative and qualitative methods.

I was named as one of top producing early career researchers in educational psychology journals. I was only one of two researchers based in the UK who was on the list.

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Departmental roles

  • Deputy Director of Undergraduate Studies (Assessments)



My research interests include:

  • Teacher mental health and wellbeing (e.g., job satisfaction, burnout)
  • Teacher retention
  • Teacher effectiveness (e.g., student academic achievement, classroom observation ratings)
  • Teacher non-cognitive characteristics (e.g., personality and emotional intelligence)

Research group(s)


I welcome postgraduate research supervision proposals and applications for research visits in my research areas. Masters and PhD students with advanced quantitative methods backgrounds are particularly welcome. Individuals may bring their own project or can organise to work on a new or existing project of mine.


Selected publications

For a list of all publications, please see the Google Scholar Site.

Kim, L. E., Oxley, L. & Asbury, K. (2021) “My brain feels like a browser with 100 tabs open”: A longitudinal study of teachers’ mental health and wellbeing during the COVID-19 pandemic. British Journal of Educational Psychology, 92(1), 299-318.

Burić, I. & Kim, L. E. (2021) Job satisfaction predicts teacher self-efficacy and the association is invariant: Examinations using TALIS 2018 data and longitudinal Croatian data. Teaching and Teacher Education, 105, 103406.

Burić, I., Kim, L. E. & Hodis, F. (2021) Emotional labor profiles among teachers: Associations with positive affective, motivational and well-being outcomes. Journal of Educational Psychology, 113(6), 1227–1243.

Kim, L. E. & Asbury, K. (2020) “Like a rug had been pulled from under you”: The impact of COVID-19 on teachers in England during the first six weeks of the UK lockdown. British Journal of Educational Psychology, 90, 1062-1083.

Kim, L. E., & Buric, I. (2020) Teacher self-efficacy and burnout: Determining the directions of prediction through an autoregressive cross-lagged panel model. Journal of Educational Psychology, 112(8), 1661–1676.

Kim, L. E., Jörg, V. & Klassen, R. M. (2019). A meta-analysis of the effects of teacher personality on teacher effectiveness and burnout. Educational Psychology Review, 31, 163-195.

Kim, L. E., Dar-Nimrod, I., & MacCann, C. (2018). Teacher personality and teacher effectiveness in secondary school: Personality predicts teacher support and student self-efficacy but not academic achievement. Journal of Educational Psychology, 110, 309-323.

Kim, L. E. & Klassen, R. M. (2018). Teachers’ processing of complex school-based scenarios: Differences across experience levels. Teaching and Teacher Education, 73, 215-226.

Kim, L. E., & MacCann, C. (2018) Instructor personality matters for student evaluations: Evidence from two subject areas at university. British Journal of Educational Psychology, 88, 584-605.

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