Funding landed for teaching of genomics research review

Posted on 17 June 2015

A ‘landscape study’ of current research and development work on the teaching of genomics in schools is to be carried out by the University of York Science Education Group, thanks to £36k funding from the Wellcome Trust Genome Campus Public Engagement team.

For J Airey Wellcome project news

Genomics, concerned with the functioning and sequencing of genomes to explore their role in living organisms, was added to the science curriculum in England and Wales for 14-16 year olds in 2014. This represents a change of emphasis in the teaching of genetics at this level, which traditionally has focused on the roles, functions and inheritance of single genes.  

Little is known currently about teaching approaches in biology that are effective in helping children to understand genomics, or about the resources that are available to support teaching and learning in the topic. 

The research team will complete a research synthesis on teaching and learning of genomics, including the systematic review of existing research. The team will also review materials currently available for teaching genomics-related biology, investigating the extent to which they support research-informed curriculum design and delivery in genomics education.   

The project will also produce a learning progression map, sequencing scientific ideas about genomics from upper primary to the end of A-level, and a review of current practice and research in teacher support for these topics. 

The team will be led by Dr Jeremy Airey and also includes Professor Judith Bennett, Alistair Moore and Dr Anne Scott from the University of York Science Education Group in the Department of Education at York. 

The study will run between June 2015 and summer 2016 and two student internships will be offered over the summer of 2015.