Student selected for the Korean Games

Posted on 1 October 2015

Congratulations to Education third year student Liuk Park on being selected to play football in the 96th Korean Games taking place in October at Kang-won-do (Il-Won).

Liuk, who played at Fulham Football Club academy when he was younger, recently had a trial with Queens Park Rangers FC. He also played for the UK team in a final against France this summer in a Paris tournament involving the best Korean players across Europe.

Liuk said, “I am excited about the opportunity to participate in the Games as it will give me experience of playing in a big event and this will help me understand what I need to improve on.

I am grateful for the Education department for encouraging me to take part in the games. Thankfully everyone in the department has been very supportive -  staff and students have offered to help me catch up on my studies once I return.”

Liuk plans to try to pursue a career in football after his course. He is also keen to teach English as a foreign language as a back-up plan.